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Ronald E.Snyder, M.D. Rolando Amadeo, M.D. Kathia Baucage-Rodriguez, M.D.

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MD Diagnostic Specialists

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Our Board Certified Medical Specialists have over 30 Years of Experience.

We specialize in making your experience both painless and pleasant

Specialized Care for Accident Victims

We specialize in EMG Nerve Testing. We also cater to accident victims, and we have many years of experience in the proper documentation of these injuries. Our specialists are board certified in performing EMG/ Nerve Testing. We proudly serve the Orlando, Kissimmee and Seminole County areas and we have Spanish speaking staff available at all time. We are experienced, and eager to help you get the proper medical care you need.


Working with Insurance

We work with all insurances, and we have dedicated insurance specialists to handle any concerns for the payment of your care. We treat a wide range from basic whiplash and headaches to extreme cases of spinal injuries. Our experienced staff will provide you with the comprehensive medical services you need. If you have a legal case, we will help you identify all your injuries and your long-term treatment needs.


Here at MD Diagnostic Specialists, our primary goal and focus is to properly document, diagnose, and treat your injury with the care of a quality auto accident doctor specialized and experienced in this type of care. We are conveniently located in downtown Orlando, Seminole County & Kissimmee.


All Automobile injuries are covered 100%.


Our highly trained, board certified Injury Specialists will answer all of your questions you may have during your recovery process. Please feel free to contact our Orlando Injury Specialists at any time.


We provide the best and most effective treatment available.


Experience with Common Injuries

Many times, Personal Injury cases appear as simple common injuries. Our doctors specialize in all areas related to personal injury care and are able to provide the highest quality care for conditions such as migraine headache help, balance testing, EMG testing/nerve studies, carpal tunnel help, and pain relief. Our diagnostic clinics are some of the best in the country, and we even cater to sports injury cases as well.


Get the Help You Need

Whether you’re nervous about what truck accident treatment may cost, or you simply can’t find the right doctor to provide you with quality car accident help – let our experienced and professional personal injury doctors and insurance specialists handle your concerns.

Don’t put off getting relief for your pain one more day! Call Now! (407)644 0101